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Water the tomatoes, then take a rest in the cellar. Amy-MiMi: "Restored"! No, I am not watching the NBA finals.

But I am trying to keep informed. I, too, keep my fingers crossed for the Spurs. I hope they will take the title tonight. If not, game 7 will be very, very hard. Dixie: The seiner-hypothesis proposed by myself predicts two things: 1 In written and spoken German, the posessive pronouns ihre, ihren, ihrer will be more and more replaced with seine, seinen, seiner, respectively. In fact, the seiner-hypothesis is just another way of saying that there may be a lot of nonsense in the Duden.

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Yesterday, I was in a forest and I saw a couple of wrens scurrying along a moss-covered fallen tree trunk like mice. Probably a family - although I'm not sure, whether they were led by a parental bird. It is very dark inside the forest once the canopy has closed, about as dark as on a very dull day in the open. No sign of a wren family at home this year. Unglaublich so was. Und ein kleines Komma ist vom Platz abgewandert: No I am not watching Das liegt auf einem erheblich niedrigeren Niwo als Umgangssprache, eher wie Kanaksprache oder so. Toi toi toi, nur ein Mal noch Einmal wieder?

Comment Thank you, hm -- us, for the corrections. No, the article is deeply imprinted on my germanic mind. Brain wash from Mannheim. People will probably keep asking me just how I managed to move that comma to the new place without letting it leave the old one, hihi. However, I would opt for "einmal" in both cases. Maybe, someone else will look it up in that Duden book? Comment hm--us: It ain't necessarily so Comment Carullus: Re - I was one of the idiots who kept the "Six-Gear" thread alive for so long - and I'm still proud of it!

Comment Guten Abend, Wolfman. Einen Regenmesser aus dem UK importieren, hmm. Comment has been Comment shhh, I think you have every reason to be proud, your book looks very professionally made and I agree it's beautiful.

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It must be great to hold the finished work finally in your hands. And of course you'd advertise it everywhere, how else are you going to be the next 'Shades of Grey'? But it's amazing and sad what people will steal. I'm sorry you lost something pretty and hard to replace. Absurd bit of news of the day: An 8-year-old student in Baltimore has been suspended for biting bits off his pop-tart until it resembled a gun.

And just so the anti-gun people are not the only ones looking as if they need their heads examined, some other people then got the boy a lifetime membership for the NRA. It looks like you really hate it!

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I know I'm herr to improve. And I love to be corrected and asdmire your linguistic skills, hm. But here's a matter I can not agree with for the following reason: When I started chatting I found this CC without knowing any rules at all and soon found myself in a quarrel with Goldammer about one word: "wo".

I guess every snail remembers that It started because I felt that "der wo, das wo" etc. Only "certain" people of lower education would say "Der wo da geht" etc. I'm still shivering every time I hear it but with a smile now. Because I'm living in Swabia now, where this phrase is often used.

It's dialect, not ignorance, I've been told. And with regard to kanak sprak TurkGerman : I think it is funny, worth making jokes of. I've always associated "ain't" with Afro-Americans, with Harlem. And with a lot of jazz-standards, with Alicia Keys and Nina Simone as well. But asking Wiki I found films, folk songs and more using the "ain't".

All these people didn't care about to appear appearing? Your harsh words made me feel you not only wanted to keep me away from a term that would make me look stupid Comment Oh, thank you, Gibson! And the travelling expenses don't really count toward the price of the rain gauge, because you'd get a nice time in Europe for that money, too. I can see no downsides ;- But if that is out of the question, I hope you'll find something in the US. It's a real pity your old gauge was stolen, especially as that doesn't even sound like something someone would steal out of need but rather just to be an a- erm, a brat :- RenaRd, I don't think you can trust songs with language questions - they use all kinds of bad grammar to fit the metre.

Of course, you could try to only communicate in song; I guess then it's fine, even with hm--us ;- Do you have a good singing voice? However, it might be a bit bothersome in a forum. You'd have to record your song-post, upload it to a filesharing service and then post the link in the thread - it seems my idea is not that good after all Maybe you just shouldn't listen to me ;-. Comment That was close - minus three in overtime. Now some Texas magic is needed. Aber du gibst oft Kontra, und das kann ich einfach nicht nachvollziehen. Ich habe mit meiner Schwester gesprochen und es so orchestriert, dass ich von meiner Familie doch einen k Ich freue mich riesig.

Comment shhh , ich stimme Gibson zu - euer Buch sieht wirklich wunderbar aus und mir gefallen die Illustrationen sehr gut. There are other solutions, but someting is missing in the original sentence. Und dreieinhalb Wochen bis zu meinem Urlaub.

Es hätte für ihn gemacht werden müssen

Comment Hi, Lara Chu, "komma bei mich bei"! And probably no ENS would understand what is meant by this apart from the literal errors.

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May I offer some correcturitos? Nice example with the Hessian greeting! Edith waves cordially to harambee - nice double post! Comment I've always associated "ain't" with Afro-Americans, with Harlem. I don't have that association at all. In the UK, it's clearly working class language; in the US, it's a bit more complicated, in that it is also used in rural parts in casual conversation. That said, it's a difficult issue, I think, and probably best avoided by foreigners like us.

There is one notable exception for some fixed phrases like "Ain't seen nothing yet" or "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sure, you can do that you can also use "ain't" in a hillbilly joke , but would you speak it yourself, or encourage learners of German to do so? I know I wouldn't. I'd probably say "eingerichtet".

Comment shhh I was aware of using a middle-class maybe lower-class term. I grew up in of? Everytime I welcome a friend with the words: "Hey Alter, was geht ab? We don't mind using "lower class"-speech from time to time. We know we can do better. There are other limits in what I say! I would, e. I rarely swear anyway and was surprised there is a thread dealing with "Fluchen in der Fremdsprache". For Victorian English novelists William Makepeace Thackeray and Anthony Trollope the educated and upper classes in 19th century England could use ain't freely, but in familiar speech only.

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Comment Ich habe fertig. Comment Lara, whatevber it is: Congratulations! Let me add a few sentences to my I needed so long writing seartching for the appropriate words which wouldn't harm anybody that I missed five postings saying am I right? I finally understand. Lucy, you know where I'm from "Kommse auch in mein' Hoff? I know that it will sound strange when a "Non-NS" would try to pronounce it. But, to speak frankly, if hm or Amy would ever write it, I would think: "That's amusing, she even knows that idiomatic phrase! Comment I somehow liked "orchestriert" and decided against correcting it.

Lara, will you remind us where you were going to for your holidays? Will your birthday be before or after? I'm asking to know if the ereader will join you on your trip.

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Comment "komma bei mich bei" I wouldn't understand it either. Ain't was in my English lessons book, many years ago and it wasn't marked as to avoid it. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. Comment bluesky : But you could guess, couldn't you?